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Embrace the Clean Girl Aesthetic: Underpainting Secrets from Pixi Beau

Embrace the Clean Girl Aesthetic: Underpainting Secrets from Pixi Beauty's Petra

H2O Skintint

The "Clean Girl Aesthetic" is more than a trend - it's a movement towards embracing your natural beauty while still enhancing your best features. As the founder of Pixi Beauty and a professional makeup artist, I, Petra, am excited to share my top tips and tricks for mastering the art of underpainting and achieving that barely-there makeup look. Let's dive into the world of minimalist and effortless makeup that showcases your complexion in the most flattering light.

Step 1: Choose Your Primer

Selecting the right primer is essential for creating a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup. Look for a correcting primer that addresses your specific skin concerns, such as redness, dullness, or uneven skin tone. This will help you achieve an even base while still allowing your skin's natural beauty to shine through.

Flawless Beauty Primer

Step 2: Sculpt Your Bone Structure

Using Pixi's On-The-Glow Bronze, add a touch of warmth and definition to your face by gently applying it to the hollows of your cheeks, the temples and along the jawline. This subtle contouring will enhance your bone structure while still looking incredibly natural.

On-the-Glow Bronze

Step 3: Add a Flattering Flush

For a natural-looking blush, apply our Sheer Cheek Gel to the apples of your cheeks. This will create a healthy, radiant glow that looks effortlessly fresh and youthful. The key is to blend it seamlessly, so the colour appears to be coming from within.

 Sheer Cheek Gel

Step 4: Achieve an Immaculate Base

To create a flawless yet minimalist base, apply Pixi's H20 SkinTint using clean fingertips or a sponge. Start from the center of your face and work your way outwards, and downwards. This will allow the nuances of sculpting and blush to show through the base subtly, creating a stunning "Clean Girl Aesthetic."

H2O Skintint

Step 5: Set Your Makeup with a Mist

Instead of using powder, which can sometimes look unnatural, set your makeup with Pixi's Makeup Fixing Mist. A quick spritz will re-hydrate and lock your look in place while maintaining a natural, skin-like finish.

Makeup Fixing Mist

Step 6: Add a Hint of Tint to Your Lips

Complete your ‘clean girl look’ by adding a lip stain. Simply smooth a small amount of Pixi’s TintFix onto your lips, and you'll have a subtle yet gorgeous hint of colour that complements your overall aesthetic.



Achieving the "Clean Girl Aesthetic" is all about enhancing your natural beauty with minimalist, skin-like makeup. By following these tips and tricks for underpainting and barely-there makeup, you'll be well on your way to looking effortlessly healthy, radiant and stunning.

Remember to keep it simple, embrace your natural features, and let your true beauty shine through!



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