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#PixiPretties: Pixi + Makeup by Denise

#PixiPretties: Pixi + Makeup by Denise

#PixiPretties: Pixi + Makeup by Denise
At Pixi, we love just about anything that helps achieve a healthy, radiant glow to the complexion, and with her passion to help people glow from the inside out, it’s no wonder Makeup by Denise was the perfect partner for this year’s #PixiPretties collaborations!

We spoke with Denise to talk about her Mind Your Own Glow radiance palette – read on to see what she had to say!

How would you describe your Mind Your Own Glow palette?

Denise: I think that it’s a beautiful, versatile, gorgeous highlighter palette that is not only for the face. You can use it for the eyes. You can use it over a liquid lip to add a little bit of shimmer. You can also use it on your collarbone which is how I like to use it and I’m definitely going to be using it all summer.

What do you love about your palette?

Denise: I love how diverse it is. I love that everyone, regardless of complexion, can find a shade or two or three to be able to accentuate their features, add a little bit of glow to their skin and just look beautiful and luminous.

What are some of your favourite tips on how to use your palette?

Denise: It’s something that I wanted everyone, regardless of skill set, to be able to use. You can use it with your fingers if you forget your brushes if you’re traveling. You can use it with small brushes to just pop a little shimmer into the tear duct. You can use it all over the lid or high points of your face. You can use it literally everywhere and that’s what I wanted.

Denise’s Mind Your Own Glow radiance palette includes 9 universally flattering glow shades with a natural mineral pigment formula to create the ultimate radiance and luminosity.

I love how Denise uses the palette on the eyes, cheeks, body and even the lips—it truly is a multi-use palette! I wanted to share a few of my own tips and tricks on using the Mind Your Own Glow palette with other Pixi favourites:

Spritz a little Glow Mist onto your brush before dipping into any of these radiance powders to create an intensely pigmented highlighter.

For a custom liquid highlighter, mix the radiance powder in with Rose Oil Blend or Jasmine Oil Blend.

Create an allover glow by using a little +C VIT Priming Oil or +Rose Essence Oil with the radiance powder to transform it into a liquid illuminator to embellish your base.

    Have any other creative ways on creating a bespoke glow using this palette? Share your ideas with us!

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    To purchase the Mind Your Own Glow palette and learn more about Denise and our other #PixiPretties, visit or


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