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Rediscovering Your Glow with Pixi's +Rose Colourtreats

Rediscovering Your Glow with Pixi's +Rose Colourtreats

Rediscovering Your Glow with Pixi's +Rose Colourtreats

Hello, lovely Pixi Beauties,

I often find myself captivated by the soothing and nurturing embrace of rose gardens.

They encapsulate the very essence of the Pixi brand, intertwining natural beauty with a refreshing burst of rejuvenation. It is this love for nature that has led us to craft products that echo the purity and vibrancy found in each petal. It brings me immense joy to share with you our latest enchanting collection, +Rose Colourtreats.


+Rose Colourtreat

The +Rose Essence Oil: Your Personal Dewy Blossom Serum

Our journey begins with the transformative +Rose Essence Oil, an ethereal blend that brings the nourishment, calmness, and hydration of a dew-kissed rose to your skin.

This tri-phase essence oil is an infusion of love, promising to tenderly care for your skin, leaving it perfectly balanced throughout the day.

It's whisper light on skin, like a gentle hug, cocooning and soothing even for the most sensitive of skin.

Pixi Tip: Gently mix and apply a few drops onto your cheeks, blending them before your makeup routine. Or mix it into your foundation to lend a nourishing and sheer touch, making your skin feel comforted.

+Rose Essence Oil

The +Rose Radiance Perfector: A Whisper of Tinted Magic

Immerse yourself in the loving embrace of dawn with our +Rose Radiance Perfector.

This lotion-potion adds a touch of luminosity to every skin tone. Its rose-infused and tinted magic is here to help tired and overworked skin, bringing back that youthful glow that mirrors a fresh rose.

Pixi Tip: Layer it over your daily moisturizer, letting it illuminate your skin before you apply your foundation or tinted moisturizer. Also great to refresh on top of makeup, during the day, enhancing your natural luminosity.

+Rose Radiance Perfector

The +Rose Glow-y Powder: A Blossom of Radiance

The +Rose Glow-y Powder is a dewy powder that contains the soft glow of mineral pigments.

I personally believe it's possibly the most divine rose powder creation, offering a radiant blush and highlighter all-in-one. This silky soft, rose-infused powder holds the promise of an everlasting glow, an essential companion in your daily journey of beauty.

Pixi Tip: Use it for cheeks, eyelids, and lips, adding a touch of blossoming radiance wherever you desire. It's your everyday sprinkle of rosy-gold-glow!

+Rose Glow-y Powder

The +Rose Lip Nourisher: A Gentle Kiss from Nature

Designed especially for dry lips, the +Rose Lip Nourisher is another creation inspired by English Rose Gardens. It's here to adorn your lips with a nurturing embrace, offering a hint of a rose-tint and shine that reminds me of the freshness of morning dew on rose petals.

Pixi Tip: Apply gently across lips, for a touch of sheer colour full of softness and elegance of a rose in bloom. Use as often as needed.

+Rose Lip Nourisher

Let's celebrate our beauty journey together by embracing the natural beauty that resides within all of us & watching it bloom each day with Pixi.

With all my love and radiant wishes,

Petra Strand

Founder and Creator of Pixi Beauty

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