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Clearer Skin in 4 Steps!

Clearer Skin in 4 Steps!

Clearer Skin in 4 Steps!
Who hasn’t grabbed their concealer or foundation to cover up an unwanted blemish? Or spent hours searching through ancient articles, hoping to find any solution for clear skin?

I am very proud to introduce an easier way to improve the clarity of your skin. Meet Pixi’s new Clarity Collection! These four products were formulated to help purify, control blemishes and balance the skin to reveal a clearer complexion!

This entire collection is made with salicylic acid, a well-known ingredient that exfoliates and balances the skin helping to purify, refine pores and dissolve oil. This oil-free clarifying collection was developed to clear skin, control blemishes and minimise the appearance of pores!

The cleanser, tonic, and serum are a unique triple acid formula with – salicylic, glycolic and lactic – that work together to purify, exfoliate and renew problematic skin. They are also infused with aloe and probiotics, giving the skin added hydration and protection.

1 – Clarity Cleanser: Deep cleanses & purifies!

• A gentle and effective cleansing gel purifies the skin to minimise breakouts. It deeply cleanses while leaving skin feeling hydrated. Perfect for even the most problematic skin.

2 – Clarity Tonic: Exfoliates & balances!

• The most requested product is now here! Bringing balance and clarity to your skin in just one easy swipe. This alcohol-free tonic gently exfoliates as it hydrates.

3 – Clarity Concentrate: Exfoliates & clarifies!

• This fast-absorbing serum helps exfoliate as well as hydrate the skin, giving a clarifying and pore-minimising effect. When using this lightweight serum, it refines and promotes an even skintone, leaving my complexion smoother and less prone to breakouts. Use to spot treat or focus on your T-zone.

4 – Clarity Lotion: Deeply hydrates & quenches!

• An oil-free light texture formula boosts hydration while minimising the appearance of pores. I wanted this product to quench thirsty skin leaving skin feeling hydrated while keeping the complexion shine-free. Use it as a priming moisturiser!

Our Clarity Collection is suitable for all skin types – especially breakout-prone skin. You can incorporate into your AM and/or PM routine. Choose all four steps to improve texture and clarity or add a few products to maintain clear skin.

Always remember to use an SPF during the day, especially when using products with AHA’s.

The other most common question has been “Where can I buy the Clarity Collection?” You have waited for this new collection that is now available at

Visit us at

@pixibeauty #pixibeauty and let us know your new favourites and why!


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