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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day upon us, we have picked the most Pixi perfect presents to treat your mum!

Introducing our Rose Favourites Bundle, featuring our complete Rose-infused Skintreats routine. Give your mum the gift of a PixiGlow -- what better gift could there possibly be, after all? 😉 From the 1st of May, 2018 to the 12th of May, 2018, you can save $20 when you order this bundle! Plus, you’ll receive a free large travel bag AND free shipping with your purchase. Have a look at the rose-infused Skintreats you’ll receive:


Cleanse: Rose Cream Cleanser

Your mum is sure to love cleansing her face with one of my newest Skintreats, Rose Cream Cleanser. It’s infused with Rose and Avocado to condition the skin and also contains Chamomile & Aloe Vera to soothe.

Rose Tonic

Tone: Rose Tonic

It’s toning time, lovelies! With our Rose Tonic, your mum can indulge in a replenishing, naturally soothing treat that not only balances your skin, but also gently removes any impurities.


Essence: Rose Caviar Essence

I love following Rose Tonic with Rose Caviar Essence. Rose Caviar Essence helps the skin to absorb moisture better, enhancing your PixiGlow more than ever before! Three main reasons I love this go-to essence? It softens, refines & tones the skin to Pixi perfection!


Moisturise: Rose Oil Blend

Your mum deserves the best of the best--which is why we had to include Rose Oil Blend in this bundle! This is a luxe oil that restores and renews the skin’s luminosity while helping to improve elasticity. Sweet Almond, Rosehip & Jojoba work together to nourish the skin and enhance radiance so you and your mum can have matching PixiGlows!

Rose Flash Balm

Moisturise: Rose Flash Balm

For the on-the-go mums like myself, this is an absolute necessity! Rose Flash Balm offers 3 uses in 1: it’s a moisturiser, mask and primer! It is the ultimate pick-me-up for the complexion to instantly enhance your PixiGlow.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the loving, inspirational mothers out there. Being a mum may be one of the hardest jobs, but in my opinion, it’s the most rewarding. Don’t forget to visit to purchase our Rose Favourites Bundle, just in time for Mother’s Day! You don’t want to miss this set..this bundle will only be available from the 1st of May, 2018 to the 12th of May, 2018.

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